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Akhirnya Terbongkar Hubungan Anwar dengan Puteri Jacel Kiram, Anak Sultan Sulu yang menceroboh Lahad Datu

Why is dear sweetie doing with this person in front of the Christmas tree and asking to free Anwar?
Is this lady in blue really Princess Jacel Kiram, the eldest daughter of the late Sultan Jamalul Kiram of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo or Sabah.
She acted as the primary spokesperson when the Suluks led by the late Sultan Kiram invaded Sabah and killed our people.
Last year, Jacel stood in the Philippines election under the UNA party on the platform to reclaim Sabah from Malaysia.
As part of her elections campaign last year, Jacal Kiram had written :
"She believes that when Sabah is claimed, Filipinos will regain their honor and respect from other countries by fighting for what is historically, morally, and legally right and just. The reason why China can bully us in the Spratlys is because we can't fight for what is ours like Sabah. China took advantage of our weakness. We must show them our strength.
"Let us not also forget our fellow Filipinos who are being treated second class citizens, maltreated, tortured, raped and deported from our own land North Borneo/Sabah. Remember Lahad Datu Stand Off in 2013. Remember our massacred fellow Filipinos, the Tausugs."
If the pictures are genuine and are of the two ladies are indeed who we think they are, there's quite a bit of explaining to do.

And why does Jacal Kiram want to "Free Anwar"?

Princess Jacel Kiram files certificate of candidacy:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsltU7wz5Pg

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