Kilang tak dapat kelulusan lagi pun, regim DAP sudah klimaks awal ...

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GPB hairan betul kilang solar  Bosch yang tidak mendapat kelulusan lagi  dari  AELB  ,   regim DAP dengan bangganya sudah masukkan dalam  Buletin haprak untuk tunjukkan hebatnya CAT .

Selain itu, PCM juga mendakwa bukan hanya kilang solar Bosch sahaja yang akan membuat kilang mereka di Batu Kawan , tetapi terdapat juga kilang solar dari China .

Habisla  penduduk Batu Kawan  ..tak lama lagi ramai la yang akan sakit sebeba menerima kesan  sisa-sisa merbahaya  kilang solar ini ...

PCM fumes as another solar panel plant discovered
Susan Loone
12:07PM Mar 26, 2012

Even before Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng could answer questions related to the Robert Bosch solar panel plant in Batu Kawan, Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM) has discovered a similar enterprise which is expected to operate on the mainland.

The China-based company, according to PCM vice-chief Huan Cheng Guan (left), has started recruiting workers but Penangites are yet to be informed that another solar panel plant is sprouting within their midst.

Huan said he sent two of his men to the plant for interviews, but they were merely told that the plant would be build “somewhere” on the mainland.

“It’s a China-based company, and after what has happened to China, how can we allow it to operate here?” Huan asked during a press conference in Prai.

Huan was referring to a similar plant in China which was closed down due to health risks to the local community.

‘State gov’t operating like Gestapo’

Huan is not happy that the state has not mentioned about the existence of the plant, which allegedly poses a danger to health and the environment.

He smells a rat and said that there appears to be a cover-up in the matter as nobody knows much about the company, not even its location.

He even went as far as saying that the state government is operating like the “Gestapo”, the Nazi secret political police.

“We are very suspicious and question why are they doing this,” he added, comparing it to Pakatan’s vigorous opposition of the Australian-based company Lynas’ plant in Gebeng for its potential health risks.

“But what about these two plants in Penang. Why so quiet about them? Why so secretive? What is there to hide?” he questioned.

Recently, Huan said despite its CAT - competency, accountability and transparency - principles, the Penang government continues its lack of public consultation in approving the project.

He added that no one has given a proper assurance that the RM2.05 billion plant by German industrial giant Robert Bosch GmbH will be safe.

‘No AELB licence yet’

Huan also question why the solar photovoltaics plant in Batu Kawan is allowed to operate when the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) has yet to issue any licence or approval for the proposed business.

News portal The Mole quoted AELB director-general Raja Abdul Aziz Raja Adnan as having confirmed that the board has not received any application for the controversial plant.

Raja Abdul Aziz said, “So far we have not received any application for the Batu Kawan solar panel project.”

He added that the project has to be evaluated by AELB despite the initial International Energy Agency approval.

“Why the double standards when Lynas is being opposed to strongly? Where is the CAT in these projects?” asked the former Penang Gerakan vice-chief.

When asked about the federal government’s promotion of investment in solar panels, the world’s fastest growing energy industry, which has placed Malaysia as the world’s third-largest solar module manufacturer, Huan said: “The International Trade and Industry Ministry’s role is to attract and promote investment,” he said.

“Their role is not to approve it. It is the state government’s role to approve an investment or sell state land to the companies after making sure the company complies with all the necessary requirement, especially in the area of safety in health and environment, because this directly affects the people.”

Huan warned that if PCM receives no answer to his questions, the party will organise a similar round of protests.

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